TMP Podcast #14 – Legislature Considers dropping 100MW Renewable Energy Cap…Again…

This episode takes a look at the 5th attempt within the legislature to remove the 100MW cap protecting Maine renewable energy sector from competing against Hydro-Quebc.  We look at the arguments for and against its removal and potential solutions to this legislative deadlock. Go to Continue Reading for Show Notes.

Show Notes:

TMP Write-Up Committee hears testimony on ending 100-megawatt cap on hydroelectric generators under the Renewable Resource Laws

TMP Podcast #5 – New England Clean Energy Connect Analysis Part I: How the NECEC Got Legs

BioEnergy Consult – Cofiring of Biomass

Japan to host one of world’s largest biomass power plants

The world’s largest biomass plants

Southern states lead growth in biomass electricity generation

Somerset Plant in Skowhegan, Maine

Westbrook energy center power plant

Rumford Cogeneration Plant – Global Energy Monitor

Domtar – Woodland Mill – Baileyville, ME

Aroostook County’s last biomass plant will shut down in April

Androscoggin Mill power station – Global Energy Monitor

Androscoggin energy center – Global Energy Monitor

Androscoggin Biomass Power Plant, US

The world’s largest biomass plants – Bester

Millinocket-Dolby Project – LIHI #167 | Low Impact Hydropower

NRCM Data on Maine Dams

Center for Sustainable Systems University of Michigan – Geothermal Energy

Quaise Energy intends to convert power plants to geothermal by drilling deeper with new technology – Massachusetts News

MIT Startup Drilling 12 Miles Into the Earth to Suck Out Energy

State of the States: Fuel Cells in America

Whatever Happened to Fuel Cells?

Fuel Cells Information, Facts, and Technology

Can FuelCell Energy’s molten carbonate fuel cell help solve the CO₂ problem?

RivGen Power System & Integrated Microgrid Solutions – ORPC


12 years later, company still isn’t harnessing Eastport’s powerful tides


Title 35-A: PUBLIC UTILITIES; §3210. Renewable resources

LD 43 – An Act to Reduce the Cost of Electricity by Removing the 100-megawatt Limit on Renewable Resources of Energy

Testimonies for LD 43

LD 622 – An Act to Create Equal Opportunity Access to Clean Energy by Removing the 100-megawatt Limit on Clean Energy Sources

Testimonies for LD 622

LD 1549 – An Act to Direct the Public Utilities Commission to Seek Informational Bids Regarding Small Modular Nuclear Reactors in the State

Testimonies for LD 1549

LD – 689 An Act to Study the Construction of a Nuclear Power Facility in the State

Testimonies for LD 689

LD 486 – An Act to Encourage Economic Development Through the Manufacture and Use of Marine Nuclear Power Modules

Testimonies for LD 486