Special Election for State Senate District 14 Scheduled for March 9th

Governor Mills declared a special election for Senate District 14 to be held March 9th.  There are two candidates running for the vacated position; Republican William Guerette and Democrat Craig Hickman.

Senate District 14 sits entirely within Kennebec county and includes the towns of Chelsea, Farmingdale, Gardiner, Hallowell, Manchester, Monmouth, Pittston, Randolph, Readfield, West Gardiner and Winthrop.

The vacancy was created after Shenna Bellows, whom had just been re-elected to the state Senate in the November 4th election, was sworn in as Maine’s new Secretary of State in December.

Guerette is a resident of Pittston and, except for his time at college, is a life long resident of the area with family ties throughout District 14. Guerette currently owns and operates Capital City Coin in Augusta but had been the owner of Sounds Easy, a video rental business he started after returning from college. Additionally, Guerette also owned and operated Maine’s first Subway franchise and served as a State House Legislator in the mid-90’s.

Guerette is also known for surviving a machete attack inside his home in 2008. The two attackers had been caught stealing a safe from Guerette’s home six months prior and it was believed they had returned to murder Guerette to keep him from testifying at that trial.

Guerette’s campaign page can be found HERE.

Originally from Wisconsin, Democrat Craig Hickman now resides in Winthrop where he owns & operates an organic farm/Bed & Breakfast. Hickman has been involved with several area boards, organizations and non-profits including the Rotary Club, Sons of the American Legion, Theater of Monmouth, and the Winthrop Hot Meal Kitchen among others.

Hickman has been involved with Maine state politics since running for a state house seat in 2010. While he lost that first race to an incumbent republican, he won the seat in 2012. Hickman won 3 more elections before term limits ended his term in office in 2020.

A complete list of bills sponsored by Hickman during his time as a state house representative can be found HERE and Hickman’s Senate campaign page can be found HERE.

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