TMP Podcast #6 – New England Clean Energy Connect Project Part II: The Companies Pushing for the Project

This is Part II of the TMP Podcast’s analysis of the NECEC Project.  In this episode we focus on the 5 companies pushing for this project.  Their history, subsidiaries and what their presence within New England’s energy market looks like. Continue Reading Below for show sources.

Central Maine Power

Central Maine Power: Company Profile (.pdf)


Iberdrola – Significant Shareholders

CMP’s $950M New England Clean Energy Connect bid emerges the winner

Energy East Set to Aquire CMP Group

Avangrid Affiliates

Iberdrola Wikipage

Qatar Investment Authority

Avangrid Renewables – Offshore Wind

AVANGRID, Inc. will join NYSE tommorow with $30 billion of assets in wind energy, utilities and natural gas storage

Avangrid Wikipage

Lempster Wind Farm

Hoosac Wind Power Project wikipage

Groton Wind Power Project

BlackRock, Inc. wikipage

AVANGRID Renewables

AVANGRID Renewables – Solar Energy Development & US Power Assets (.pdf)


Eversource Service Territory

Eversource – List of Affiliates

Eversource – Solar Power Generation Project

Eversource – Renewable Generation

Eversource – Customer Profile

Eversource Energy wikipage

Action on solar bill at center of fight between Eversource, National Grid an Environmental Groups

Algonquin Pipeline

Baker Officials Tout Hydro Contract Benefits

Class-Action Lawsuit Against AVANGRID & EVERSOURCE

Vertical Market Power in Interconnected Natural Gas and Electricity Markets (.pdf)

Vermonters Join Suit over Alleged Electricity Price-Fixing

Hagens Berman Press Release – New England Electricity Overbilling Case

Hagaens Berman Press Release – Class Action Lawsuit Accuses New England Utility Companies of Causing $3.6 Billion in Excessive Electricity Costs

Hagens Berman – New England Electricity Overbilling Legal Documents & Filings

Judge dismisses antitrust lawsuit against energy providers Eversource, Avangrid

Court Dismisses Suit Challenging New England Utilities’ Natural Gas Scheduling Practices

FERC Staff Finds No Evidence Natural Gas Pipe Capacity Withheld in New England

6 New England residents file class-action lawsuit for overcharging against Eversource, Avangrid

National Grid USA

National Grid USA – Company Profile, Information, Business Description, History, Background Information on National Grid USA

The Restructuring and Privatization of the U.K. Electricity Supply –Was It Worth It? (.pdf)

CFOs predict future impacts on energy companies, industry at EEI Financial Conference

National Grid (Great Briton) wikipage

National Grid plc wikipage

National Gird 2010 Corporate Overview (.pdf)

National Grid – USFAQ (.pdf)


Unitil Territory Map

Reuters Profile: Unitil Corp (UTL)

Unitil Corporation wikipage


Hydro-Quebec – Appalaches-Maine Interconnection

Hydro-Quebec History: 1898-1929 – Corporate Consolidations and Big Projects

Hydro-Quebec: History: 1930-1944 – Toward Nationalization

Appalaches-Maine Interconnection

Appalaces-Maine Interconnection Project Schedule

Hydro-Quebec Sets 20-year energy deal with Massachusetts