TMP Podcast #13 – Maine’s Health Care Worker Vaccine Mandate: A Chronological Review

Its been a year since Gov. Mills demanded all Maine’s healthcare, nursing home & EMS workers receive a Covid vaccination.  This episode reviews several articles that provides context to the public & legal debate occurring as the mandate was first handed down as well as where we are a year later. Go to Continue Reading for Show Notes.

Show Notes

Maine DHHS Publishes Health Care Worker COVID-19 Vaccination Rates
June 22, 2021

Janet Mills considers vaccine mandate for health care workers after 2 hospital outbreaks
August 10, 2021

The governor’s gamble: Weighing the potential costs of Mills’ healthcare worker vaccine mandate
August 19, 2021

Three Maine nursing homes announced closures this week, and more appear imminent
September 1, 2021

Maine allows more time for required vaccinations as new COVID-19 cases nearly double
September 2, 2021

Lewiston hospital’s staffing troubles prompt calls for Janet Mills to ease vaccine mandate
October 9, 2021

Some healthcare workers resign as enforcement deadline of Gov. Mills’ vaccine mandate approaches
October 11, 2021

Mills rejects request by lawmakers, hospitals to amend vaccine mandate
October 12, 2021

Mills stands her ground as GOP intensifies pressure on the health care worker vaccine mandate
October 15, 2021

Supreme Court Won’t Block Maine’s Vaccine Mandate for Health Care Workers
October 29, 2021

Kansas losing $350,000 for not enforcing healthcare worker vaccine mandate
March 31, 2022

Maine near top of nation in new COVID cases and hospitalizations.
October 17, 2022

It’s Not News, Nor ‘Scandalous,’ That Pfizer Trial Didn’t Test Transmission
October 18, 2022

CMS Downshifts on Expectations for Covered Healthcare Provider Staff COVID-19 Vaccination
November 4, 2022


CMS Vaccine Mandate for Healthcare Workers Blocked Nationwide by Louisiana Federal District Court
December 6, 2021


Explaining the New COVID-19 Vaccination Requirement for Health Care Provider Staff
December 15, 2021

Federal judge blocks COVID-19 vaccine rulefor health workers in New Hampshire, 9 other states
November 29, 2021

Hospitals Confront the Fallout From Supreme Court Ruling on Vaccine Mandate
January 15 2022