TMP Podcast #11 – How the Maine Dems Became the Largest Voter Block In Maine

In a previous episode it was discovered that sometime between 2016 and 2020 the total number of registered Democrats overtook voters with no party affiliation as the largest voter block in Maine. This episode uses voter registration data to look at the signs leading up to “the switch” and the circumstances of when it actually happened.

This episode also looks at absentee voting trends by comparing absentee ballot totals over the past 3 presidential elections.   Continue reading below for sources & show notes.

Im working on a write-up for this episode that goes a little deeper on a few parts and has some graphs to go along with it.  When its complete, a link will be added here.  In the meantime, all the numbers I cover in this episode were derived from the following sources.


Voter Registration Data, Election Data and Online Forms

Previous Elections Registered and Enrolled Voters Data

Previous Elections Absentee Voter Data