Work Session for Bill Prohibiting Covid-19 Vax Mandates in Maine Scheduled for January 20th

The Committee on Health and Human Services recently held a public hearing for LD 867, an emergency bill prohibiting mandatory covid-19 vaccinations in the state.  If passed, covid-19 vaccination mandates would be forbidden for 5 years, starting from when the emergency use authorizations were first enacted, to allow for safety testing and investigations into possible reproductive harm.

The bill is a carry over from the last legislative session. The public hearing, held January 11th, saw over 300 testimonials submitted for the Committee on Health and Human Services to consider.

A handful of different organizations, including the Maine CDC, the Maine Council of Churches, Maine Medical Association, Maine Nurse Practitioners Group and the Maine Pediatrics Association all submitted testimony opposed to the moratorium.

The Christian Civics League, Concerned Women for America as well as a few hundred Mainer’s from all corners of the state provided testimony in favor of the 5 year moratorium. Many of those that provided testimony were former medical professionals forced to leave the field as well as those negatively effected by vaccine side-effects.

A work session for the members of the Committee on Health & Human Services is scheduled to meet January 20th.